Adopted at the first Annual General Meeting held on Saturday 5th June 1971 at Bulstrode, Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire. With subsequent minor amendments.

  • To provide and promote fellowship between Evangelical Congregational Churches.
  • To advance Evangelical Christianity through Independent Churches.
  • To seek the welfare and express the faith and the true unity of the whole Church of Jesus Christ.
  • To bear witness to the Scriptural principles of the autonomy of the local Church and the freedom of believers in Christ.
  • To encourage prayer for the reviving power of the Holy Spirit in the Church.
  • To assist co-operation and counsel among the Churches with regard to such concerns as evangelism, missions, Church extension, ministry, and Christian action.
  • To enable churches to share their resources, both spiritual and material.
  • To organise Conferences for prayer and fellowship, and for imparting information about the work of God in the Churches.
Provided always that the Fellowship is established for charitable purposes only, and this proviso shall be treated as over-riding the Objects set forth in this Clause.