Affirming our Unity in Pursuit of our Vision – ‘Exalting Christ in Growing Healthy Churches’

The Evangelical Fellowship of Congregational Churches IS the churches.

Each year, our member churches and our personal members are asked to confirm their unity with the Fellowship. We do this with an Affirmation of Oneness, where members are asked to affirm their agreement with our Objects, our Basis of Faith, and our Polity.

We believe that Christ is the head of the churches, and that each church is independent, but we delight in and benefit so much from fellowship together. We are committed to praying for each other, helping each other, encouraging each other.

Our vision, ‘Exalting Christ in growing healthy churches’ is at the core of this fellowship and what it means to be part of the EFCC. The vision focuses us on the Lord Jesus Christ and his Church. We want to help churches call pastors; we want to see struggling churches replanted with the help of stronger churches, all for the glory of our Triune God.

Church Affirmation of Oneness 2021

Personal Affirmation of Oneness 2021