an EFCC training group designed to give aspiring, new or experienced elders a biblical and practical grasp of the theology and skills of eldership

Leadership is an issue with which every church and every Christian leader has to grapple, and in which our thinking and practice will go astray if not driven by a solid biblical-theological understanding. It may be tempting to act as if leadership is an issue that can be sorted out simply by thinking pragmatically or learning only from other theories of leadership. Of course, because of common grace, there are things that Christian leaders can learn from secular thinking. However the foundations and structure of our thinking on leadership must be set by good biblical theology.

In this course you will walk through an overview of leadership in the Old and New Testaments. We will then home in specifically on the role, character and qualifications of elders, and then go on to examine how the gospel shapes leadership and hence eldership. Against all that background, the course will walk through the practicalities of selecting and training elders, and consider how elders work together in leading the local church.

How will it work?
The programme is based around a module on Biblical Eldership designed by Crosslands Training.  The module comprises 9 units – each unit taking 2-3 hours to complete.  A small group of delegates (about 8 or 9 per cohort) will work at their own pace but within a framework that will allow them to complete their units ahead of a monthly zoom group tutorial.  Typically, you’ll have four weeks to complete two units and then you’ll meet online with your peers and an experienced EFCC pastor to review the units, engage in additional learning and quiz the pastor!  There will be no exams.

Course Content
Unit 1  Biblical overview of leadership (part 1)
Unit 2  Biblical overview of leadership (part 2)
Unit 3  Role of elders
Unit 4  Character and qualifications of elders
Unit 5  Gospel-shaped leadership: service
Unit 6  Gospel-shaped leadership: love
Unit 7  Leading the church
Unit 8  Eldership in practice (part 1)
Unit 9  Eldership in practice (part 2)

These units of learning will be supported by a monthly (3 hour) zoom tutorial starting each month at 9:30 am.  Zoom sessions are outlined below.

Subject Units Group tutorial Tutor
Elders in church I 3 & 4 Saturday 30 April Richard Myerscough
Biblical overview of leadership 1 & 2 Saturday 28 May Ian Hughes
Gospel shaped leadership 5, 6 & 7 Saturday 25 June Tom Brand
Elders in church II 8 & 9 Saturday 24 Sept Chris Bennett

Leading a team of elders and deacons, Ian is p
astor of Gwersyllt Church (Wrexham) with a main focus on Biblical teaching.

Richard serves as pastor at Pontefract CC, previously pastoring a church in Swinton, South Yorkshire, following 4 years as an Assistant Minister at Malpas Road EC, Newport.

Having taught NT at London Seminary for over 20 years, Chris has worked with teams of elders in a number of churches, most recently, as pastor at Alexnder Road CC,
Hemel Hempstead.


Tom is EFCC Ministry Director, prior to which he was 8 years as Pastor at Binfield Heath Congregational Church.

Course Materials

Foundation C7 Biblical Eldership obtainable from: Crosslands Training £13.50
Powerful Leaders?      Marcus Honeysett     IVP (2022)

Recommended additional reading:
Finding faithful elders and deacons   Thabiti Anyabwile   Crossway (2012)
The Deliberate Church    Dever & Alexander    Crossway (2005)
Pure Church    eds Skull, King & Sayers    Grace Publications (2018)
The Shepherd Leader   Timothy Witmer    P&R Publishing (2010)

Got questions?

Steve Horton is acting as admin for the course.  Give him a call and he’ll try to sort you out: 07903 416083

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