Conference Chairman

Dr Digby L. James

Conference Secretary

The Late Rev. Peter Beale

A Congregational Studies Conference was held in March each year to learn from the history of Congregationalism.

When I was at school I was very pleased to drop history from my exam subjects. I was much in agreement with Henry Ford, who said in 1916, “History is more or less bunk. It’s tradition. We don’t want tradition. We want to live in the present …” Then I became a Christian and quickly realized that Christianity is an historical faith based upon a book of history. If the Bible is not historically true my faith is futile and I am still in my sins.

Importance of History

It was because of the importance of history that EFCC started the Studies Conference in 1981 which has continued up till now. Many subjects have been dealt with over the years to help us learn from past mistakes and be encouraged by past glories.

The final Conference was held on the 17th March 2018 at Wesley’s Chapel and Leysian Mission, City Road, London.

Speakers for that day were Dominic Stockford, Dr Digby James, Richard Underwood and Peter Beale. The papers were as follows;

  1. The Alan Tovey Memorial Lecture – Calling a Minister.
  2. A History of Trevecca College.
  3. Caring for our Pastors
  4. The Minister in Retirement

Conference Papers & MP3's

MP3 downloads are available dating from 1989 from this page.