Mission Statement:
Exalting Christ in growing healthy churches

This is why the EFCC exists, it our direction and purpose. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who is building his Church, we must keep our eyes on him in all things because he is our Saviour and the head of the church which is the body.

We seek to meet our mission with 6 core objectives


Core Objectives

Practical Steps


Calling Pastors

We recognise that the provision of a pastor is a gift from God to his Church and vital to the growth and life of our churches. Churches need leaders who are spiritually quali­fied, committed to the work of the Gospel and able to preach, teach and spiritually nourish the people of God. Without an effective and godly pastor many churches simply wither on the vine. The EFCC is committed to help­ing to enable its churches to find and call pastors by being committed to practically supporting them, as partners in the gospel, through the finding process with prayer, godly discernment and with practical commitment.


Supporting Pastors

The EFCC is committed to nourishing and growing its pas­tors spiritually and supporting their ministry practically to allow them to flourish in their calling to lead and sustain healthy churches.


Replanting and Revitalising Churches

In partnership with the local church, the EFCC will seek to discern God given opportunities to support replanting and revitalisation work with spiritual and practical support with the aim of restoring living, vibrant and Christ focused local churches.


Sharing, Growing and Connecting

The EFCC provides a spiritual family for a diverse group of Christ’s churches connected together as Evangelical Con­gregational Churches, united in a shared Basis of Faith and agreement with the EFCC’s Position Papers, with a shared desire to care, support and encourage each other prayer­fully, spiritually and materially.


Supporting Healthy Church Governance

Particularly through the EFCC Trust Corporation, the EFCC actively and practically supports churches in ensuring that they are well managed and meet their financial and legal obligations, thereby ensuring that the Church of Christ is of good repute in acting wisely, judiciously and well in the management of its activities.


Caring and providing for the welfare of Christ’s Church

Remembering Christ’s example, the EFCC actively and care­fully stewards its resources to enable it make provision for the welfare of individuals within the EFCC church family.