EFCC advice on response to relaxation of restrictions (July 19 2021)

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Since the first national lockdown, the guidance from the government has moved the goalposts on more than one occasion.  Devolved government has routinely taken a different appraoch to that coming from Downing Street.  And local lockdowns have been introduced.  All this makes keeping up to date very hard!!

EFCC churches are encouraged to stay abreast of both their local and national guidance.  However, we will still attempt to give consistent and regular advice to our churches.  The following documents were prepared specifically for those churches where EFCC acts as Trustee but are shared with our wider body in an effort to encourage churches to re-open for worship as soon as restrictions allow.

Our key documents containing advice to churches, complete with a number of helpful links are above.  But you may also find it helpful to browse these e-mail updates – each one will take you no longer than 60 seconds to scan.

EFCC guidance for Lord’s Supper

EFCC guidance on Risk of Legionnaires

Coronavirus Updates:

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