The Coronvirus pandemic has presented the church with great problems and just as great Gospel opportunities.  Part of EFCC’s role is to support, encourage and inform our churches and we will continue to do this while-ever COVID presents obstacles to ministry.  However, with regulations and advice changing so rapidly, we strongly recommend that churches check the appropriate government website along with accessing our information.

Throughout the pandemic, EFCC has issued Coronavirus updates – chiefly for those churches where EFCC is the all-purpose Trustee.  However, the advice is completley relevant to any church and so we share it as widely as possible.  You can access all those regular updates here.

Equally important during the lockdown periods is strong pastoral support.  Our Ministry Director, Tom Brand, has sought to provide that with weekly e-mails, which contain information, encouragement and a sermon for church leaders.  We have collected these on our YouTube channel and you can access all Tom’s sermons here.

Then there is the matter of all the practical and theological input.  We’ve collected all these thoughts (which range from help with streaming services to thoughts about online Lord’s Supper) on this page.