MPC 2023 takes place at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick and is open to serving EFCC Ministers, EFCC Personal Members and Invitees.

Our key conference speakers are Rev. Dr Matthew Roberts and Rev. Dr Peter Sanlon.

Matthew Roberts’ Sessions
Feasting with the Consuming Fire (Leviticus 10)
The cleansing of creation (Leviticus 16)
Is love always really love (talk on the Greater Love Declaration)

Peter Sanlon’s Sessions
The Spirit’s work in ministers: regeneration
The Spirit’s work in ministers: broken-heartedness
The Spirit’s work in ministers: courage

The full Conference fee this year is £225 to both serving ministers and personal members.  We’re asking that Ministers pay what they can afford between £175 and £225.  For personal members, the fee is fixed at £225.

However, ability to pay ought never be an issue and reduced rates are available to any serving minister whose church would struggle with the full rate.  Contact Paul Walker, EFCC Operations Manager.

We would love you to come for the whole conference and think it’s incredibly important that serving Ministers are able to take time away from the church to be spiritually fed, enjoy the fellowship and the support of fellow Ministers and rest for a short while from their ministry.  But sometimes that just isn’t possible, and we would sooner see you for part of the Conference that not at all!   There is an option below for partial attendance.   We will have to work out a price for the particular time you want to come.

2023 MPC Programme

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