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GCSE’s next year … or A-levels … or College … or Uni… or year out … or…
And how much of next year will be online?  What changes to our routines will the pandemic bring?  How can a young Christian cope with the stress, peer pressure and, potentially, an absence of the family safety net? 

Friday 30 April
7:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Facing an Uncertain Future
An EFCC Zoom Mini-Conference for Young Adults
James Leverton, pastor-in-training at Trinity Church Oxford, will be our keynote speaker, opening the scriptures and pointing us to a Christ who masters uncertainty.

James Leverton

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home in Cambridge. Mum and Dad taught me the gospel from a young age and I whilst I have never known a day when I haven’t believed in Jesus, aged 13 I came to see the saving power of his death on the cross for me. My better half Emma and I met whilst running a Christian Union together at our first school. Ever since then we have been inseparable, working together in Newcastle, and most recently at an international boarding school in Kenya. We have enjoyed the past three and a half years living and working in Oxford.

Programme so far ...

This is a work in progress ... and could well be flexed at the last minute to squeeze in something else to delight you!

James will top the bill as he opens God's Word. But he has also served students for the past 3 years ... and was one himself not so long ago. So he is well placed to conduct a Q&A about some of the thorny issues of working or studying away from home.

The radio presenter

Chloe Wilson will also be joining us and sharing with us the biggest issues that she faced when she went to Uni. Chloe currently hosts the Drivetime Show, each weekday, for UCB2.

... and what about the pastors?

They don't have any uncertainty in their lives do they? Chungman Shon will put that falsehood to bed and share how he copes with the uncertainty of ministry.

And we'll squeeze in time to say hello to each other but, don't panic, no-one will be pushed into a break-out room. No matter how many turn up on the night, we'll stay together as a big group until 9:00 pm.

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