One of the joys of Christian ministry is fellowship with other pastors and church leaders. The EFCC seeks to support ministers, ministry wives, and church workers by providing support and prayer. One way we do this is in regional fraternals. These are blessed, spiritually invigorating, and theologically stretching times.

Further details on fraternals for ministers and wives will be posted here as they are arranged and details of our annual women’s conference can be found at on our EFCC Women’s page.

Our fraternals all follow a similar pattern –  we arrive from 10:30 and start with a discussion paper followed by lunch (provided) and then in the early afternoon we share and pray together.

Therfield fraternal
Tuesday 25th June
Neil Blake will lead our discussion.

Beverley fraternal
Wednesday 17th July
Andy Stelmasiak will lead our discussions on the clause in the Apostles’ Creed ‘He descended into Hell.’ What does it mean and is it true?

London fraternal
Monday 22nd July
Thomas Brand will lead our discussion.

Contact Thomas Brand if you’d like to join a fraternal


Saturday 22nd June
10:00 am – 3:30 pm
Ministry wives day @ Crystal Peaks Church
Speaker: Jane Gamston

Contact Hilary Wilkinson if you’d like to join either day.


Please text if you would like to be added to a WhatsApp group:
Ministers’ WhatsApp group. Contact Thomas Brand
Ministry Wives’ WhatsApp group. Contact Hilary Wilkinson