Like many church groups we are finding a shortfall in the number of people called into the ministry.

There are many needs because we have those churches which are looking for full-time ministry as well as many smaller churches which need someone who is able to support themselves financially but who has a heart for Christian leadership.

We do need people with strong and firm convictions but also those who are wise and gentle in their dealings with people and so able to serve the increasingly diverse churches that are normal nowadays.

We would normally expect the following in those interested in ministry with us:

  • The candidate's home church confirming their sense of call to full-time Christian service.
  • Either some prior Bible college training or a willingness to undertake such training whether it be full-time or 'on the job'.
  • A willingness to explore and come to terms with the spiritual heritage of the churches they would serve amongst.
For further information regarding service in EFCC churches please contact:
Candidates' Secretary

Rev. Peter Beale