Welcome to the Counsellors Network!

The Counsellors Network is a group of Evangelical Christian professional counsellors who are independent but connected with the EFCC. The Network is part of our commitment to care pastorally for our ministers. The counsellors operate with the usual levels of confidentiality required from any accredited counsellor, and our hope is that more will be added over time.

As they provide a professional service, a fee is applicable, after a free initial consultation. However, please don’t let finances be an obstacle. You can contact Paul at the EFCC office at
paulwalker@efcc.org.uk and we can provide grants from the Trust Board to cover costs where needed. Alternatively, for the sake of privacy, you can ask the counsellors to speak to the EFCC office confidentially about financial help with payment.

Phyllis Coulter is a senior psychotherapist currently working in private practice with clients across the age range.

Her Christian faith influences her enthusiasm for linking Psychology with Theology to help Christians thrive. She has Graduate studies in both subjects. Her aim is to create a safe space for exploration, recalibrating and finding new ways to make sense of the mindset we may find ourselves in. 

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Neil Blake is the pastor of Hullbridge Congregational Church, and also works in private practice as a counsellor.

Neil is a generalist, working with a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, bereavement, trauma and abuse. He has a special interest in spiritual depression, failure and the Christian, and obstacles to spiritual growth.

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Martin Woodier, having served as a pastor in Yorkshire for over 30 years, is now serving the wider church as a full-time counsellor.

Working in person or online, he will work with you to explore the challenges you are facing without simplistic or formulaic ‘solutions,’ utilising years of experience in counselling, pastoral care, the Bible and theology.

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