Reg. No. 1127720

The EFCC Trust Corporation plays an important practical role in supporting our vision of exalting Christ and growing healthy churches.   The Trust Corporation currently acts as a corporate trustee for a number of our churches and handles the legal and financial matters that underpin the spiritual work of the Committee. 

Rev. Gwynne Evans speaking at the opening of Crystal Peaks Church, Sheffield – A church plant supported by the work of the EFCC Trust Board.
  • Rev. Gwynne Evans (chairman)
  • Rev. Jackie Brown (acting vice-chairman)
  • Rev. Calvin Coulter
  • Mr Gilbert Stephenson
  • Rev. James Devenish
  • Mr Philip Williams
  • Dr Digby James
Registered Office
Latimer Congregational Church, Grovehill Road, Beverley, HU17 0JD.