To equip and encourage member churches in their shared work of evangelising and discipling.


Rev. Matts Rees

St Briavels Congregational Church

Rev. Nick Gray

Staines Congregational Church
Other members of the Committee
  • Rev. Jackie Brown
    Ballymena Congregational Church (elected 2019)
  • Rev. Bill Calder
    St John’s Congregational Church, Thornton Heath (elected 2019)
  • Rev. Phil Grove
    Tillingham Congregational Church (elected 2019)
  • Rev. Mark Ladds
    West Cliff Congregational Church, Whitby (elected 2019)
  • Rev. Gwynne Evans
    Hayes Town Chapel (elected 2018)
  • Dr Digby James
    Quinta Independent Evangelical Church, Weston Rhyn (elected 2018)
  • Rev. Andrew Leach
    Rochford Congregational Church (elected 2018)
  • Mr Stephen Horton
    Crystal Peaks Church, Sheffield (elected 2017)
  • Rev. Keith Plant
    Evangelical Free Church, Stony Stratford (elected 2017)
  • Rev. Bill Harrow
    Puckeridge Congregational Church (elected 2017)
Co-opted members of the Committee
  • Rev. Peter Beale 
    Candidates’ Secretary
  • Mr Rob Childs
    infellowship Editor
Also in attendance
  • Rev. Cyril Aston
    Regional Secretary
  • Rev. Bob Cotton
    Regional Secretary
  • Rev. Bill Dyer
    Training Officer
  • Mr Anthony Harrison
    Minute Secretary
The Committee is elected from our member churches. Its task is to promote the spiritual welfare, encouragement and growth of the member churches.

Dates of Committee Meetings 2019

Main Committee
  • Monday 4th – Tuesday 5th March
  • Monday 7th – Tuesday 8th October
both at Action Centres UK, Kings Park, Northampton
Evangelism Committee

Rev. Nick Gray

Teacher Training

Rev. Jackie Brown