Ministry is hard. It can be isolating and discouraging. The EFCC seeks to encourage the ministers and ministry wives within the fellowship by providing support and prayer.  One way we do this is through organising fraternals, as well as contact with others in the fellowship through the accessible platform of WhatsApp.  Many have found the recent ministers’ fraternals helpful and invigorating.  The next meetings for this autumn are:

London Ministers’ Fraternal. Tuesday 15th October at Christchurch Teddington.
Theme: Assessing the theological trend towards a suffering God.

The speaker is Tom Brand. 10:30 to 15:00.
Event is free, lunch provided. Email: for details.

Ministry Wives Day. 16th of November
in Bethlehem Chapel, Richmond.
Theme: Exploring God’s Design for Ministry Wives.
The Speaker is Sheila Stephen
(Retired Pastor’s wife, Lecturer and Professional Counsellor). 11:00-16:00. Event is FREE, lunch provided. Email:  for details.

Please text if you would like to be included to the respective WhatsApp group:
Ministers’ WhatsApp group. Contact Tom on 07954180686.
Ministry Wives WhatsApp group. Contact Natalie on 07950275843.